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6 High Mesa
Richardson, TX 75080
Pricing Structure
Pricing Estimates (Varies with market rates)

-1/4 Cow- Approx $8.00/lb and around 100 lbs

-1/2 Cow- Approx $7.50/lb and around 200 lbs

-Whole Cow- Approx $7.25/lb and 400 lbs+ (and you tell us how you'd like it finished, deposit required)

Actual Pricing will be provided upon inquiry, payment accepted via Venmo or Zelle at this time.

-Cuts will generally be 30% steaks, 30% Roasts/Brisket, and 40% Ground/Patties/Stew Meat

-Free Delivery to the DFW Area
-Free Pickup in San Saba
-Shipping rates usually add $1-2 more per pound